Friday, November 30, 2012


Salam All

HELLO DECEMBER ................... ok ! sy neves ... officially another 6months to go for my nikah day .....please doakan KAMI :) ok2 tarik nafassssssssssssssssss im counting days for my dear JEMAH's BIG DAY .. 28hb ni dye nikah 29th Reception .. in excited for !

mse cuti Deepavali aritu sy n kwn2 lain wat dajal kat dye hehe kami kan nakal eheh plan nak wat breakfast gathering hehe sbnr nye ktorg plan wat BACHELORRATE party utk dye heehehe ok ! enjoy the pic okay :D

happy ZAUJAH to be Darling 

Sarapan yg xbleh bla byk gle mkn heheh 

GURL i love you ! 

WE will be each other no matter what :) 

Haa ambk mood posing2 gitu hehhe 

yeayyy mcm model x kami hehehe 

MASTER MIND ! Thank you darling 

to my dear ROZAIMAH BINTI ISHAK we pray the best for you ,,always and forever .. LOVE