Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the DATE im never forgot till my last breath

holla reader
4 August comings AGAIN ... happy ramadhan all..
4 August so down with this date.the date i sent my lovely MAK to IJN for her treatment..i still can smell her .i still can feel her hug .i still can hear she call me "adik" :( no one call me "adik" anymore .i miss to hear that :( i can hear her voice talk with the nurse "bila boleh blk ni" hihi
mak i miss you so much
i know i have to accept that u never come home again..
no matter what i just need u know that i miss n love u badly :(
i can's see ABAH face to say THANK YOU on my birthday .. but i have kiss him :*
can i ERASE 8th August ?do i strong enough.. ?my laugh and smile just like a fake for a year actually..



Leeya Hezlin said...

al fatihah..semoga mak ditempatkan dlm kalangan orang2 yang beriman..
dan semoga mak aman di sana..
miss u too mak..

p/s:teringat mak suap2 dulu..huhu..rajin dia melayan 'anak' dia yang seorang ni..huhu..

BicaRaHati said...

:( taw xpe ns ngn tlor + kicap je pn
ameen2 tq adk

DaiSyBewY said...

alfatihah ..
mak pown musti sayang kn sya ..
musti dy mw tgk sya smile selalo ..
musti dy nk anak dy y sowg nie kuat ..

sya boley lalui sume nie ..
pe2 pown slalo sedekah kn 'PAHALA' kt mak ..
dy tgu sya kirim kt dy .. =)

BicaRaHati said...

tq my sayang :)

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