Thursday, September 22, 2011

utk awak ...

pasti akan ada yg lbh baik kay ..
thank for this dear :)

10 thing you need to do to angel
1. rub vicks before she goes to bad
2. if she sick, remind her to eat her medication (get her to see doc)
3. before sleep, call her, hug her, kiss her & wish her sleep tight dont let bug bite.
4. take her out when she need u(that mean every time she need you)
5. remind her to eat coz she have gastrick
6. take her pic when she pretty that mean every time u go out with her.
7. take a good care of MISYA coz she have a lot of memory with MISYA(change the cover every year)
8. buy her coklet when she period(she love it)
9. dont let her drink coffee, she have back-pain when she drink it
10. very important! once a week, threat her ice cream or tutti frutti, coz she love it very much.

**awk lyn sy baik sgtttttttttt!!!


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