Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day I been BOOKED :)

Asslamualaikum !


Alhamdulillah semua da selamat MY ONE STEP CLOSER (e-day) ceremony . ok masih dlm ttanya2 btul ke ni hehe ok2 btol la sy sudah mnjd tunangan en bee sy 2 .. hehe wanna say a BIG THANK YOU and a BIG BIG *HUGS* to my BIG FAMILY and MY DARLINGS .. for this and run the ceremony smoothly ! thank you so much ! im might cant pay all of u insyallah ALLAH will pay more .. thank you for the Doa and wishes ! im so touch ! no matter what i will be the same little gurl for my ABAH, and family and to my darlings .. im still your aisyah that u know before the one will care about all of u .feel free to share everything with me sharing is the best thing because its FREE :) i will land my shoulder for u to cry , i will land my hear for u to POKPEK POKPEK . hehe ..please2 dont go away from me i need all of u ! to my beloved fiancee .. bee i love you ! promise you will take care this relationship until nikah insyallah until JANNAH .. thank you for stole my heart ! im deathly loving you . im never ask for any i just wants you always be for me :) . thank you for LOVE bee .

he come to talk to me something :) i love you abah

YOU ! greatest sister ! thank you me HEART you along :) *hugs*

officially we ENGAGED :)
the smile for YOU :)

Cant Describe how HAPPY i am to see ALL my gurl around : )
the RING and Mum In Law To be :) Thank You mak . promise u will take care your son as u care of us :)
i miss to KISS mak thank you being my MAK . :)

ADIK tQ for Coming ! HEART YOU ~!

MACIKs !! I LOVE YOU BOTH ! muahhhhh xoxo

KAMI !!! GLAD i have all of you ... HEART HEART ~ ;heart;

GURLs ..ur my strength to grow my love story :) thanks a lot always be around for me !


Leeya Hezlin said...

akak..i'm happy for you..
semoga hubungan kalian berdua kekal hingga ke syurga..
adik sentiasa mendoakan kebahagiaan akak walaupun kita jauh..
thanx sebab jemput adik..
always miss and love you..

to my bakal abang ipar,please jaga akak saya baik2..
jangan kecewakan dia sebab saya dah pernah tengok dia dikecewakan..
please take a good care of her.. :):):)

aisyah said...

huhu .syg .. thank you so much !
insyallah we will be happy till end
love u much !

maimyza said...

congrate syg,
my doakan sya bahagia selamanya gn ur cik tunang,
shuke bila tgk sya epy!
moga bahagia itu milik sya, =))

BicaRaHati said...

thank you syg..ameen2 insyallah
sya pn sllu doakn kbhgian ksygan sya sume

Orked said...

Tahniah akak...lov u...:)

P/S: ni acik

aisyah said...

tq syg :) huhu nice to know u dear

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